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We specialize in television formats. We believe in television as a medium still very valid for connecting with the audience and convey experiences and knowledge.

[S]avis / Elders

The grandparents and wise catalans reach the screen. We collect the most detailed and intense testimonials from some of the most significant personalities of the past 50 years in Catalonia. Representing different cultural sectors, ideologies and professionals, the protagonist the grandparents and wise man, show their life and work in a series of dept, optimistic and vivid interviews. The best and most famous  journalists from Catalonia visit the most important wise catalans in three of their most intim or significant places. In these intimate spaces they maintain a comfortable conversation, deep and intense on the major issues that have become a criterion in our country. But it is not only that. Also they question things that they usually do not discuss either their life or the historical context or the present. Thus we make a picture of our recent history, through our persons of reference and the filter out of journalists who also have a special relationship towarts the interview.

Program recorded and created in HD.



Genre: in-depth interview
Years: 2008-2009
Length: 26 x 52’’
Channels: TV3 and Canal 33

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